Fly with unbridled freedom with the most streamlined movement controls in VR.  No segway touchpads; our movement is so intuitive you basically think where you want to go.
Unleash the fury of dozens of futuristic and heart-stopping weapons and pick-ups to blaze your way to victory. Scratch your itchy trigger finger with everything from rockets to railguns.
Whether you're a team player, bot slayer, or lone wolf on the hunt, there's a gamemode for you.  Featuring Deathmatch, Point Control, Capture the Flag, Singleplayer/Co-op missions, and more.

Take to the skies and drop 'em like flies in this multiplayer arena shooter built from the ground up for Virtual Reality



Gone are the days of sovereign nations, natural wilderness, and meaningful existence. There is nothing left that has not been commodified, be it air, privacy, or war. Corporations jostle for control over every profitable asset and minuscule parcel of real estate.  Combat itself is exercised through highly advanced drones called Aerobots, which fly through the skies, buildings, and what's left of the environment deploying deadly and destructive weapons with wanton abandon. The A.I. of these Aerobots has reached a point of such sophistication that people question whether it is a mere machine, or something now self-aware....



Take control of an Aerobot, a flying drone of the future built for corporate combat. Your hands become thrusters, activated by your controllers' triggers, to send you flying through the air with deadly precision and speed. Boost with your grips to even greater speeds, over-taking enemies and escaping from danger when needed. Use your thumb pad or joysticks to swap your hands between thrusters and weapons, and activate pick-ups.



We plan to launch Aerobots into Early Access on Steam with the following features:

 - 3 game modes: Deathmatch, TDM, and CTF

 - 15+ weapons

 - 10 multiplayer maps

 - Bots for both online and offline games

 - 4 singleplayer/co-op missions

We plan to add the following features leading up to the full release of the game:

 - 4 additional game modes: Point Control, Get the Mailman, Gun Game, and Three Roads to Victory

 - 5 additional multiplayer maps

 - 4 additional single player/co-op missions

 - 15+ additional weapons

 - Unlockable collectible funny hats

 - Additional Aerobot models

 - Additional Announcer/Corporate Benefactor voices



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